Unlimited Software Development Service

Like having a dedicated development team without the price tag. From only $390 / month.

Flat Monthly Fee. No Contracts, cancel anytime.

You're in good company

Unlimited Software Development to automate your business and save $$$

  • Unlimited development tasks
  • Unmetered time
  • Customised apps and tools
  • No contracts, cancel at anytime

Our Work

Our client wanted to copy Google Drive folders and documents when setting up new clients. They also needed to prefill or mail merge data into their contracts and compliance docs at the same time.

Our client needed to ensure all their contacts info in WorkflowMax was up to date and complete. So we built a Google Sheet that send him a weekly report with all the contacts that have missing fields.

Several clients needed to connect WorkflowMax to Zapier and create reports. So we built an export tool that allows them to extract the raw data and sync to Zapier which pushes new job information to Trello and more.

An end-to-end timesheet approval system built with a Google Sheet and Gmail. Sends emails with smart links allowing all tiers of the approval chain to easily approve or reject. Then the approved times are auto added to the staff timesheets in Xero.

"We needed a team of automation support. Shoosh Monkey delivered immediate improvement to our systems with great follow-up support."

Gillian Massie - Sympateco Inc.

"Shoosh Monkey had the skills and experience that brought my idea to life"

Dave Gorter - Skybooks Accounting

How does it work?

1. Tell us what you need

Submit a request through our online form or via email.

Do you have repetitive tasks that drain the time from your day? Just tell us what they are and we will design creative software solutions in G Suite that will reduce or remove this task from your list.

2. Your assigned team gets to work

Our team will review your request and then begin working on it.

Your problems are unique and our solutions are crafted to suit your requirements. Our team of developers will workshop ideas to build a tool to help you with your operations.

3. Receive your time-saving tool

Receive your app - test and reply with revisions if needed! Now repeat as many times as you like.

This is the fun part, we'll deliver your new app and you get to test it. Need any revisions? Easy, just let your developer know and we'll update it.

Then go and do it again, as many times as you like!

Build add-ons to extend Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Forms

Apps Script makes it easy to create and publish tools as an add-on the online store for Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Forms. There’s no better way to distribute scripts to large numbers of users, whether you want to ship your code to the whole world or keep it private to the users in your G Suite domain.

What can you create?

Connect G Suite to WorkflowMax and unleash your data for greater insights

Integrate G Suite with Xero to seamlessly update contacts or create invoices from your Gmail

Automate common tasks in Google Docs like updating client info in legal documents

Manage everything in your Google Drive without opening Google Drive!

Here's what you get

Access to our skilled team of developers

Professional software developers when you need them for as long as you need them.

UNLIMITED tasks and ideas

Submit as many tasks and ideas as you like. Your developer will continue to work through your queue each month.

An idea could be: I have to update client details in a document all the time, I would like this to be done when we add a new client in our Xero accounting system.

Access to the member app library

What we build goes into the member library for all to download, keep and use in their business.

Large Project buy-in

Want an integration that would require some extra consultation and input from our design team but don't want the extra cost? If 4 other members agree on this idea then we'll build it for no extra cost. It's all about sharing and building tools that everyone will use.

No contracts

Nope none, leave anytime and keep the tools we built you or downloaded from the library.

Real-time support via chat and Asana Conversations

Need help or have a question? Sure thing! Chat to your developer or a member of our team in Asana or via our live chat service.

14-day money back guarantee

Not happy or don't think we're a good fit. No problems, just cancel in the first 14 days and you won't be charged a cent!

With Google Apps Script you can...

Edit your G Suite global directory contacts

Import your global G Suite Directory contacts into a Google Sheet to edit, update and then sync back to the Directory for everyone to use. See in our script library!

Create reports for Management

Import data from any external source into a Google Sheet and create a dashboard displaying progress or important statistics

Create Gmail add-on

Need a function in Gmail that doesn't exist? Gmail add-ons are built on Google Apps Script so it's simple to create an extension that your business can use.

Extract email addresses from Gmail

Easily get all the email addresses from emails with a particular label in Gmail. See in our script library!

Update your price lists automatically

Need to update your prices regularly based on supplier costs? Apps Script can pull in the prices from external supplier sites and update your master price list on a schedule

Import Jobs and Tasks from WFM to create reports or connect to Zapier

Import all your WorkflowMax data into a Google Sheet to manipulate for reports or integrate with other services like Zapier.

Bulk upload tasks into Asana

Load all your Asana tasks in a Google Sheet, then hit a button to upload to your project in seconds.

Scrape websites for data

Scrape data from websites such as emails, phone numbers and other details using a Google Sheet and Apps Script

Build a web application

Apps Script can be used for a complete web application that your clients can use, and there isn't any hosting costs!

Create in-house applications fast with AppMaker and Apps Script

AppMaker is the low-code UI designer for making custom in-house applications. With Apps Script this can be extended to create extra functionality such as importing data from other sources, or exporting and emailing clients in a single click.

Gmail mail merge with Sheets

Using data in a sheet you can create emails with placeholders (mail merge) and mail out specific data to multiple clients from inside a Google Sheet

Create custom Slides in seconds

Pull in images or use mail-merge to create a customised slide deck for your customers in seconds.

Make bulk changes in services like Google Calendar

Use a Google Sheet to update multiple Google Calendars at once. With a single click you can import events, update and push back the changes to your teams calendars.

Track your website online status

Using a Google Sheet you can monitor all your websites status and get notifications when they go offline.

*Prices are in United States Dollar (USD) and tasks must be within the official Scope of Work otherwise extra consultation and design might be needed.