BETA program instructions

Some of our products will be in the WorkflowMax / Xero BETA program which requires your account keys to be requested from support.

Here's the instructions and template email you should use to make the process smoother.

Please create a Xero support ticket here -->

And include the following details:


Requesting Beta Add-on to be Enabled for My Account


Hi XPM Support Team,

I am user of of the Shoosh Monkey integration with WorkflowMax / Xero Practice Manager. Shoosh Monkey is currently going through the process of becoming a certified WFM/XPM add-on partner.

I would like to have their interface enabled on my account so I can join as a beta customer. Please enable Shoosh Monkey add-on for my account named {your XPM/WFM account name visible from top left of XPM screen}.

Once enabled, please kindly reply with the Account Key specific to Export Tool / Forecast Tool / Contacts Audit (delete as required based on your purchase)

Please contact Developer Evangelist named Jenks Guo from Xero if you request some clarification of this request.


Example below:

Thank you for your support and we apologise for any inconvenience that the BETA program situation causes, we know it's not the nicest onboarding mechanism but we are here to help you progress through it. Once WorkflowMax & Xero dev teams are happy they will progress this to an authorised application where you can self-serve and generate the key from your console.

Thanks again!


Chief Monkey