Forecast tool for WorkflowMax

Setup and usage instructions


To set up your Job forecast tool for WorkflowMax simply go to the WFM Forecast tool menu and select Setup Wizard

NOTE: You may need to accept the authorisation request if this is your first time using the app. This will show you the requested services that the script needs to access in your G Suite account in order to function.

The first page in the sidebar tells you how to get your Account Key via the WorkflowMax console. Once you have generated this, click NEXT. For more information on this please see our Better Scheduling help doc here.

Now Paste the generated key into and select SAVE. Then NEXT.

Click Start service if you would like this to run every day at 9am OR just close the sidebar and skip to the next section to learn how to run manually.


Here I show you the basics of how to use the Forecasting tool in your business.