What are they and our current list of available modules

What are they?

Modules are the prebuilt connectors that allow you to sync data between a Google Sheet and other external services, this is the very reason behind how we can make custom development so inexpensive - it's a simple, repeatable object we can drop into your project to do most of the heavy lifting (authentication and data transfer/mapping) and then fine tune your app with custom development to suit your needs.

What if the service I want isn't listed?

No problems, we can build one for you! Because building a module is a large upfront cost you are required to pay for an Enterprise subscription for the first month. Then the Business subscription thereafter unless you want to continue with the Enterprise features. But don't worry, this is still a massive savings because if you were to pay for the hours spent creating this for your project then you could be paying up to $3,000 for each module or more, depending on the complexity. We wear the majority of the cost as we can reuse the module in other projects.

Currently Available Modules


Google Docs

Google Sheets

Google Slides

Google Calendar



Xero (NEW)