Xero Reverse Invoicing

Setup and usage instructions

Authorise Xero

1. First thing we need to do in the setup is authorise Xero using OAuth2. To do this log into your Xero application developer portal here --> https://developer.xero.com/myapps/

2. Click on the Try OAuth2 link

3. Type in the details of your app ie:

App Name: Reverse Invoicing

Company or Application URL: (your domain or our domain, doesn't matter) ie. [shooshmonkey.com]

OAUTH2 redirect URI: [URI from the app (see pic 2)]

Pic 1

Pic 2

4. Then click Create App

5. In the next screen copy the Client ID into the Client ID field in the sheet & Generate the Client Secret, then copy this into the client secret field in the sheet

6. then in the sheet click the link "Click here to Authorise" to then authorise the application. When presented with the Xero Auth screen select the Connect button.

7. Done, in the Xero developer console you should see your new App. Close this window and return to the Google Sheet.