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In Progress...

We are currently in development on these exciting apps!

Mail-merge project data into template documents [TESTING]

Working hand-in-hand with the GDrive folder duplicator you can mail-merge all your client and project data into your complex and lengthy legal and compliance documents such as contracts, SWMS and more. Your projects are ready to go for your staff in seconds not hours!

Google Drive template folder duplicator [TESTING]

Now easily duplicate your templated project folders in a second for every new project including all the subfolders and documents complete with project name and client details. Triggered from a Google Sheet or external service such as WorkflowMax you can have your project documents setup and ready to go in a jiffy.

Xero supplier referral fee report [In Design]

Calculating all invoices from suppliers and their referral fees is a task that takes time away from more important business tasks. We're solving this so it only happens in seconds and then send a reverse invoice to the payee and payer afterwards.

Xero Reverse Invoicing [In Design]

Reverse Invoicing for Xero users is a highly requested feature and a big problem for accountants and alike to invoice themselves on behalf of clients or suppliers. We're solving this issue through Apps Script.

Twitter Bot [Under Construction]

Auto tweet and respond to Twitter replies with this neat bot built with a Google Sheet!

Vehicle travel log [In Design]

Using the travel log Google form you can easily log your kms traveled for tax reimbursement while on the run. With smart features that will allow you to duplicate the initial trip as the return trip to save time.

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Each week this app will scan your WorkflowMax contacts and email you (with links) the contacts that are missing vital information for your team to update.

Import all your WFM jobs into a gantt style sheet with allocated hours allowing you to forecast workload and resources required.

Edit, manage, schedule and sync Jobs and Tasks from WorkflowMax to your Google Calendar and back!

Extract, edit and upload all your global directory contacts from a Google Sheet

Export your WorkflowMax Jobs and tasks to a Google sheet to create your own custom reports or use Zapier to create a new automation!

Easily extract all the email addresses and names for any label in Gmail. Simply type in the label name, click go and the sheet will get all the unique email addresses and user names from Gmail in seconds!

Expense Finder

This sheet will periodically search for and log all the email bills and invoices you recieve in Gmail. Share the sheet with your accountant and never miss a bill again!

Drop-box for Drive

Allow people to upload any files directly to your Google Drive with this neat little web app built with Apps Script

Extra text from images

Extract the text from images using Drives OCR capability and save as a Google Doc

Add the current date in Docs

Add the current date anywhere in a Google Doc with a single click

More exciting apps to come. Need something custom? Then sign up for one month or many and automate your business the smart way.