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5 ways extend WorkflowMax with Zapier

Connecting WorkflowMax to Zapier hasn't been easy until now.

  • Create Trello cards when a new Job is created
  • Create Asana tasks when a new Job is created
  • Update Google Calendar with Job & Task start / end dates
  • Visualise staff workloads based on how many tasks they are assigned
  • Create dashboards to visualise your Jobs and Tasks throughout your operations
  • Send a Gmail email when the Job status has changed

Can you afford to waste 2 hrs per week?

Here I breakdown exactly how much just 2 hrs a week of wasted productivity costs your business. Then demonstrate how a single app built for just $390 can save you $4K+ per year.... each year after that!

What is Automation?

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Automation is:

Automatically controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human labor

Now for simplicity's sake we’re only going to be talking about a process or system so let’s refine that definition:

Automation is the ability for a system or device to fulfill a purpose or process which replaces the need for human labor.

This is the premise that I built my company on, not to do away with human involvement but to remove the tedious and time-consuming tasks through automation systems allowing the people to do what humans do best, be creative, think compassionately, act with empathy and all those other important attributes that only a human can be for your business and with your customers.

Automation means to relieve your staff of the tasks that are consuming their valuable productivity time (which you pay for) and to allow them to be more productive and even more valuable to your company.

And how do we do this?

We build those tools and apps in G Suite to help your staff move forward faster with your business workload.

But what does that mean? Here’s an example and this can be used for any type of document you need to create from a template for each new client or even project. In this example we’re going to use a type of lengthy compliance document that need to be completed for projects eg. SWMS - A Safe Work Method Statement.

These are documents that outline the high risk construction work activities to be carried out at a workplace, the hazards that may arise from these activities, and the measures to put in place to control the risks.

There's a SWMS for every aspect of an industry ie. construction from hanging doors to glass installation and documents for each type of industry ie. Electrical, construction etc. So there are a lot!

These documents require the same information regarding the client, workplace address and contact numbers etc throughout the multiple page docs and if you operate across the verticals then you need those documents too - all with the same information.

Using Google Drive we can automate this laborious and time-consuming task of “filling in the paperwork” for you and creating the client folder structure in your team Google Drive location. Here’s the workflow:

Now in seconds the clients folder structure is ready and all the required documents are prefilled and awaiting your staff to print and take on site! Now the 1hr+ we saved you filling in the paperwork for this single project you can now spend finding more business or taking care of the customers you already have - and you know having repeat paying existing customers is far easier and more profitable than finding new clients, yes?

Times that by X many projects and each project needing X amount of paperwork filled in…. Do the math… i’ll wait…. :)

Ok for a project like this it would normally cost about $2100USD to make just for you, but this is Apps Script UNLIMITED where we want to pool resources and share the cost amongst members. That’s how we build tools for you without the cost!

So for $490USD/month you can get this built in your business to use forever, need a tweak? No problems that’s covered too. Need something else? Easy peasy it’s all under the same price. Oh and if it’s already built you have access to it in the library to use in your business.

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