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This is not an extensive list by any means, just a thought provoking piece that will help you thinking about what's possible to automate in G Suite with Apps Script. If you have anymore ideas feel free to send them to me here at hello@shooshmonkey.com

This list is inspired from customer suggestions and integrations already built using Google Apps Script.

Import Data from Xero and WorkflowMax to make the ultimate report

Combining data from multiple sources to create the ultimate report for your management, finance team or just to keep you on top of your business workload is what Sheets were designed for.

Using Apps Script coupled with a Google Sheet this is a great way to merge two sources of data and visualise your business operations like never before. What data would you combine from Xero and WFM (Practice Manager)?

Monitor your Website online status

If you have a website that is the critical piece to your business income then being aware of your site going down is extremely important. Using a Google Sheet or a standalone Apps Script you can monitor the status of your website periodically, should your site go offline due to a hosting issue then an email can be sent to you and your tech team to react quickly and get your business back online.

Prefill a Google Form with Data from a Google Sheet

Do you have a price list or parts list that changes and want your clients to choose from the latest version? Easy! With Google Apps Script you can automatically prefill a Google Form with your product list, price list or anything really to ensure your users are selecting the most up to date item in your catalogue.

Or help your staff save time by prefilling Job sheets on site using Job information data from a Google Sheet source. Now they don't have to type in the job info all over again, instead they just select the job from the list and the rest is automatically entered in for them.

Email your client list from a Google Sheet

Do you use a Google Sheet as a CRM to manage your client list? Do you have regular email templates that you send to your clients? With a single click you can email everyone in the sheet (or a subset of users) a templated email complete with the signature of the person operating the Sheet so your users know who it came from.

Control the entry of data with an input form sidebar in G Sheets

Find your staff aren't entering all the information you need in a Google Sheet? Or would you like to trigger an automation when a staff submits a form? Using custom sidebars in Google Sheets you can direct your staff to enter the information you need and at the same time making it simple for them to type it up.

Great for large complex sheets and if you want to enhance it further, submitting the form can trigger an automated action like sending an email to your team to let them know of a new task or item.