Official Scope of Work

Here is the official scope of work details to help you with what will be available to request from your development team.

Basically if you have a clear vision of what you need, and you can describe this via email we can pretty much do it.

You can create:

  • Apps script that uses any core G Suite apps (Sheets, Slides, Docs etc) methods
  • G Suite services are services that let you access the data of G Suite products such as Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and others. These services are separate from APIs created for those products; in general, G Suite services are easier to use than G Suite APIs, but are optimized for only the most common use cases. Examples are but not limited to:
      • Modifying data and formatting a Google Sheet, Doc, Slide etc.
      • Modifying Drive contents
      • Triggers and core functions
      • Calculate or Import data into Sheets
      • Menus and basic sidebars (only using our template sidebar. Custom sidebars will require extra design)

  • Advanced Google services provide the means to use Google APIs (including but not limited to the G Suite product APIs) within Apps Script. Advanced Google services are really just thin wrappers around those APIs, and are not an API themselves. For more details, see Advanced Google services. Examples are but not limited to:
      • Reading data from external services using pre-built modules and libraries (custom / new libraries and modules may require consultation time)
      • posting data to external sources
      • Using core G Suite service external APIs

  • Tailor an existing 3rd party Apps Script to your needs
  • Updates and security patches/enhancements for existing scripts
  • Update any existing Apps Script with new features

If your scope of work isn't mentioned here, just ask as we are happy to accommodate your requests and may be simpler than you think to create.

Outside of the Scope of Work

Below are the items that would require custom work and are billed in 15 minute increments at our standard hourly rate.

  • Custom libraries and modules that connect with external APIs (Pre-built ones are accepted)
  • Video Conference meetings to discuss details about your project
  • New Scripts that require connection to external applications via API
  • Custom UI (User Interface) HTML/CSS design
  • Building an Add-on for G Suite products
  • Service Request Work ie. helping format a document
  • Projects or Tasks with no clear description or idea will require a consultation fee
  • Scripts that require authorisation workflows outside of the standard Apps Script Auth process ie. Integration with Firebase Authorisation systems
We reserve the right to change the scope of work at anytime. For more information please see our Terms of Service.