Export all your WorkflowMax Jobs & Tasks for customised reporting

Our WorkflowMax Export tool is designed to help you extract all your Job & Task information to a Google Sheet on a schedule to create customised reports or use with Zapier

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Export all your WorkflowMax Jobs and Tasks on a schedule to make team charts and reports. Connect to external automation services like Zapier to sync Jobs and Tasks to Trello, Asana and hundreds of other applications.

Using a Google Sheet we allow you to sync all your Jobs and Tasks at regular intervals (set and forget) then manage all the data in the spreadsheet making forecasting and reporting simple!

100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any of our products.

INSTRUCTIONS: After purchase you will be sent a link, make a copy of the sheet and set up in 2 mins! That's it!

This is a one-off purchase, not a subscription and the app is yours to keep forever!!

Need a customised solution based on this product? We can tailor any of our solutions to fit your business needs for a flat-rate fee.

Export all your Jobs and Tasks data on a schedule to connect to Zapier or create custom reports.

Easily forecast resources and time with our gantt style forecasting tool and staff leave calendar.

Manage all your Jobs and Tasks from your Google Calendar.