Job Forecast tool for WorkflowMax

Resource allocation and forecasting is a big problem in WorkflowMax.... Until now!

The Job forecasting tool for WorkflowMax is designed to sync your jobs and help you better visualise your Job workload in a familiar gantt style format.

Using a Google Sheet you can import all the Jobs from WorkflowMax and then allocate staff and hours to each project using the easy blocking functions.

The sheet will calculate staff available hours vs your allocated hours for each job. Some features include:

  • Get active (current) Jobs from WorkflowMax
  • Updates new jobs without overwriting existing jobs in sheet
  • Allocate confirmed or tentitive hours on a job
  • verify if there are enough available resources for all the work on any given day
  • auto date updating
  • auto staff number calculations
  • two colour types
  • easy format reset option
  • auto column separator generation
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