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WorkflowMax + Apps Script

Apps Script is easily able to connect to 3rd part APIs such as WorkflowMax to set your data free. Ideas and solutions you can build with WorkflowMax include:

  • Export data from any of the 15 API methods to make:
    • customised reports on a schedule
    • dashboards to visualise your workload
    • update WorkflowMax Jobs, Tasks, Clients, Quotes and more from other sources
  • Export data into a Google Sheet to integrate WorkflowMax with Zapiers 1500 services (See our WorkflowMax Export tool)
  • Auto update jobs from a Google Sheet
  • Manage your staff Jobs and Tasks schedule from a Google Calendar (see
  • Export Job data for better forecasting of resources (see our Job Forecasting tool)
  • Add a job or task directly from Gmail using a Gmail add-on
  • Ingest all Job data into Bigtable for better analytics
  • Output to Google Studio to make a team dashboard and metrics analysis
  • + much more

More time-saving products for WorkflowMax...

Export all your Jobs and Tasks data on a schedule to connect to Zapier or create custom reports.

Easily forecast resources and time with our gantt style forecasting tool and staff leave calendar.

Manage all your Jobs and Tasks from your Google Calendar.