The #1 way to sync WorkflowMax with Zapier

Create custom reports, dashboards or sync your Jobs to other services via Zapier.

The Export tool is a smart Google Sheet add-on for WorkflowMax that allows you to connect your WorkflowMax Jobs and Tasks with 1500+ services available in Zapier!

Here's how it works

Sync your data from WorkflowMax to your Google Sheet on a schedule then connect it to Zapier's 1500+ integrations to give your data superpowers!

Our Export add-on is the ONLY tool that syncs your WorkflowMax Jobs & Tasks to Zapier.

Sync all your Jobs and Tasks on a schedule to a Google Sheet, then using Zapier you can trigger actions with your favourite services like Trello or Asana and more!

Automate the way you work today

Reduce the amount of time it takes for things like approvals or project updates, which can cause costly delays. Use the Export Tool to connect to Zapier and allow your staff to get the information they need in near-real time, with less effort.

Turn data into action

Data is stored in the smart Google Sheet which can be used to get deeper insights into your operations in seconds. Create dashboards and instantly know how your business is tracking wherever you are.

Grow your business without outgrowing your technology

One of the largest pain points in any industry is the ability to adopt software across teams. Whether you’re a team of five or ten thousand, everyone knows how to use a Google Sheet and adoption is seamless.

Automate your operations - the no fuss Google Sheet way

  • Manipulate the data in Sheets to filter and format for your needs
  • Use formulas in sheets to divulge greater insights
  • Create custom dashboards using graphs and charts
  • Publish your sheet for all your staff to view the data live as it syncs
  • Use Zapier to sync your data to other applications everytime the sheet updates
  • Super Secure - You copy the sheet to your domain, stays in your control

See how to set up the Export add-on with Zapier

It's time to set your data to work

The current solution for you is to manually export your data out to static Excel sheets or CSV files. This lifeless approach doesn't just serve you poorly but is more work which we all know you DON'T need more of.


With the Export add-on for WorkflowMax we took that idea and scraped it. Yeah I said it!

We listened to what you wanted and built a living and breathing Google Sheet (ok it's not exactly alive but it's always working) and pulled all your Jobs & Task data to it..... regularly.

You choose if you want it to sync every 2 minutes or 20 minutes and if you only want it running on weekdays during work hours. Then set and forget.

Now because this is a live sheet pulling your data in regularly Zapier can see this and do an action of your choosing like creating a task in Asana, sending an automated email through Gmail and more!

The solution is available now!

Built into Google Sheet this smart add-on gives you the power of a Google Sheet with the near real-time synchronisation of your WorkflowMax data.

Sync all your Jobs and Tasks data at regular intervals (scheduled sync) then connect your sheet to Zapier to send your data to one of 1500+ apps like Asana, Trello, Analytics and dashboard tools + more.

With the export tool you can:

  • Create Trello cards when a new Job is created
  • Create Asana tasks when a new Job is created
  • Update Google Calendar with Job & Task start / end dates
  • Visualise staff workloads based on how many tasks they are assigned
  • Create dashboards to visualise your Jobs and Tasks throughout your operations
  • Send a Gmail email when the Job status has changed
  • + much more

See how easy it is to create a dynamic dashboard with the Export add-on

Automating businesses just like yours....

"I had an idea about a potential new workflow solution, the Export add-on has made that happen and streamlined my operations immensely"

Dave Gorter - Skybooks Accounting

What you get:

  • you get the Export add-on smart Google Sheet to keep and use forever (no subscription or usage fees) - valued at $1,400
  • Access to our best-in-class support for 2 weeks - valued at $298
  • 20% discount to any other purchase or service - up to $200 discount!

That's $1,900 worth of value for only $99!

Our Guarantee

If you don't love the Export add-on within the first 7 days we'll refund you 100% of the cost. Yep 100%, bank fees and all. We want you to be totally satisfied with our products and never want you to walk away without the value we promise.

Your savings...

Not only is the price for this amazing tool affordable but the time you save each week, month, year will be astronomical!

Our customers have told us this add-on has saved them hundreds of hours per year in exporting data, manipulating it each week just to create reports. In fact one customer advised that after they installed it and we set up a report to email to them he no longer has to do this work saving over 52 hrs a year alone!

These are the kind of benefits you too can see in your business with just this simple $99 Google Sheet add-on for WorkflowMax.

Need a customised solution based on this product? We can tailor any of our solutions to fit your business needs, see our flat-rate fee, unlimited tasks and revisions service.